Our experience in the LED lighting business since 2011 has demonstrated the need for a new brand of LED company.  Our goal: a 50% reduction of the TOTAL energy budget.  N-ERGY Solutions has been structured to address the current market demands for:

  • High performance and durability with more options for a better environment in the work place

  • Additional products that reduce the demand for energy and improve the performance of the electrical and HVAC systems

  • Enhancement of the education process by allowing teachers to control their physical learning environment

  • More flexibility in the manufacturing process to allow for specialty bulbs and service

  • Unique, customized financial programs to fit most budget requirements, such as:

    • Conventional purchase

    • Conventional leases (3rd party and in-house)

    • Shared savings program with zero up-front expense (available to most all tax-exempt entities, both public and private) with a variety of exit options.  Some for-profit companies may qualify

Our process is simple; we start with a Memorandum of Understanding.  There is one exhibit attached - our Lease Agreement.  Once the MOU is executed, we begin the assessment process.

  • Every bulb, every HVAC system, and main breaker panel are cataloged and evaluated, then referenced to a plan

  • We interview key individuals to obtain data regarding the hours of operation as well as other pertinent information

  • We request two years of energy bills for evaluation and match those with the corresponding weather patterns for those periods

  • We complete the assessment and prepare a summary showing a line-by-line explanation of the savings; both energy and operational as well as how they were calculated

  • Once all parties have agreed on the details and executed the Lease Agreement, we proved a copy of the detail assessment

During the assessment period, we will provide a list of current incentives, along with an evaluation of the various programs for non-profit and for-profit entities.

Most electrical energy providers have incentive programs.  However, many are underfunded and only allow a limited number of participants each year.  The waiting list is typically long and the requirements to qualify are expensive and exhaustive.  It can take several years before you are able to participate in the advertised incentives.

The more conventional programs are:

  • Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds

  • New Clean Renewable Energy Bonds

  • Commercial Energy Tax Deduction IRS Code 179d

  • Carbon Credits Offset